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LG’s G3 smartphone is picture-perfect for selfie lovers

The LG G3 may seem like a quiet competitor against the other Android smartphones. But its beautiful screen, selfie-taking attributes and multi-tasking capabilities make it a serious player.
The LG G3 smartphone is available in most UAE stores for Dh2,999. SeongJoon Cho / Bloomberg News
The LG G3 smartphone is available in most UAE stores for Dh2,999. SeongJoon Cho / Bloomberg News

“Where are the buttons?” Will probably be your first response to the new LG phone. Like its predecessor, the G3 has no buttons around the phone, instead they’re at the back. If you want to switch the screen on, you tap it.

And then it hits you. The screen is beautiful, the picture of the swirly paint is so stunning, you just want to sit and stare at it, rather than unlock the phone and get to work. It’s not just a pretty picture, it is the super amoled 5.5-inch Quad-HD (also known as 4K) screen with 538ppi pixel density that is incredible (you should be impressed with these technical details). Pictures have never looked this good on an Android phone.

The G3 has a 13mp rear camera with a laser autofocus sensor which proved great for capturing quick action shots. The camera also responds to voice commands: say “cheese” and a picture is taken. The 2.1mp front-facing camera also shoots in 1080p, perfect for those who like to snapchat and make Vines. This camera raises selfie-taking capabilities to a new level with a wider angle lens to get more into the shot, a flash and gesture control – clench and unclench your fist and the moment is captured, no need to fiddle with any buttons.

But let’s go back to the screen. LG has incorporated great multitasking capabilities including splitting the screen, enabling users to simultaneously open two applications. So while you type up notes you can watch a video on YouTube. No need to tap in and out of apps. Typing has also been improved with the resizeable keyboard, so those with fat fingers can enlarge it and make fewer typos. The icons are also far less garish than the standard Android versions.

It can take a little time to get used to having buttons at the back only, but it soon becomes intuitive. The phone itself is comfortable to hold and has a super-sleek brushed-metal look and feel to it, but unlike the HTC One, it is made from polycarbonate. This means you can open the phone and get inside, perfect for customers who prefer removable batteries. The 3000mAh battery is bigger than most out there, but given the specifications of the screen it doesn’t last as long as you’d expect.

The G3 runs Android’s KitKat and has the same processing power as the Galaxy S5 with a Snapdragon 801 processor. LG’s limited marketing budget has kept it a quiet competitor against the other Android players. But the G3 is spectacular and certainly one of the best and worth every fils. It is available in most stores for Dh2,999.

q & a look, no buttons

DY Kim, the president of LG Gulf, reveals more about the brand’s LG G3.

Tells us more about the LG G3.

It is the best phone we have made and the best phone available today. We thought about the user and their needs so we don’t have any control buttons around the side, only two buttons at the back. This phone is 5.5-inch, but some people like smaller phones with the same function, so we are going to launch a smaller version with the same design and feeling. It will have slightly fewer features and will be for people who are light users. There are some who want to have a much bigger size, we are thinking of launching a slightly bigger version, about 6 inches.

How big is your marketing budget?

We have a limited budget, but we have already started the television commercials. You will see more activities in the malls and we have partnered with Vogue for their fashion event.

What is your favourite feature on this phone?

Taking pictures and making movies and showing them to my family. It connects to the TV very easily, the camera is special and the (4K) movie-making capability is extremely good. The pictures are clear.

What’s next for LG?

We are launching a 105-inch curved ultra HD television with a screen ratio of 21:9. It will feel like a real cinema in the home. It will be available for about Dh440,000 next month. There is huge demand for big TV screens here. We are also launching a 98-inch flat screen television and a more affordable curved 77-inch television with leather trimming for Dh110,000.


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