x Abu Dhabi, UAESaturday 20 January 2018

Kizad's key players talk numbers

Industry Insights Forum: Khalifa Industrial Zone of Abu Dhabi's major players put the project into perspective - with video.

Tony Douglas, the chief executive of the Abu Dhabi Ports Company (ADPC)

"The Abu Dhabi economic strategy takes an economy which is US$118 billion [Dh433.4bn], which is 60 per cent or more of oil and gas, on a journey by 2030 to an economy that will be approximately $416bn where the percentage split is the other way around, with 60 per cent coming from non-oil and gas.

"We have some very clear numbers that we are responsible [for] delivering for the Abu Dhabi 2030 economic vision … Kizad has the capacity to contribute up to 15 per cent of non-oil and gas GDP by 2030, and we will create in excess of 100,000 quality jobs.

"Khalifa Port will be the first port in the Middle East region that has an automated container yard. It will be the first port in the region with direct rail access to the port island - the container yard will be linked with Etihad Rail. And it will be the first region in the have port-to-ship power connectivity."

Capt Mohamed al Shamsi, the vice president of ports at ADPC

Phase 1A of Kizad, which is 51 square km, will need more than Khalifa Port to support it … there are two major ports in the vicinity and three international airports to support Kizad. Khalifa Port is a destination port to capture the organic growth of Abu Dhabi for container cargo.