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Is it a smartphone? Is it tablet? Is it a success?

The Life: The National gets to grips with Samsung's Galaxy Note.

The Galaxy Note costs Dh2,500 in the UAE. Wolfgang Kumm / EPA
The Galaxy Note costs Dh2,500 in the UAE. Wolfgang Kumm / EPA

Samsung's Galaxy Note is a handset that is a combination of a smartphone and a tablet.

The 14cm gadget, which costs Dh2,500, (US$680.61) is larger than the average smartphone but smaller than Apple's iPad.

It acts as a mobile phone while having a 13cm screen that is large enough to comfortably read ebooks on.

It comes with a stylus called the S-pen, which can be used with the S Memo application to write memos or longer notes.

Although such tools had their heyday a few years ago when smartphones typically came with a stylus, the S-pen feature on the Note is particularly useful thanks to its larger than average screen.

The Note also sports an active-matrix organic LED screen providing high-quality graphic display, a 1.4GHz dual-core Samsung Exynos processor and Google's Android operating system.

Although the Note can be awkward to use when making phone calls as it does not sit comfortably in the hand next to one's ear, it does come with an bluetooth ear piece that makes things easier.

And while the camera has an 8-megapixel camera and a large screen to view images, it feels too big in the hand when taking pictures compared with today's smaller digital products and even other smartphone brands.

Taking all these features into consideration though, the Note is a product that could be appealing to people wanting to splash out on something different.

The Quote: "He listens well who takes notes." Dante Alighieri, the Italian poet (1265 – 1321)


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