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Dubai Police chief warns Indian nationals against bouncing cheques

Dubai's police chief has warned Indian nationals against bouncing cheques, urging them to work with creditors to settle their debts.

DUBAI // The Dubai Police chief today urged Indian businessmen to settle any debts amicably, revealing that over 10,000 cases of bounced cheques had been registered in the first six months of this year against Indian expatriates in the emirate.

Lt Gen Dahi Khalfan Tamim, chief of Dubai Police, said Indian nationals were largely law-abiding citizens, and the community's crime record was relatively low despite its large numbers.

"The Indian people have only minor cases," Lt Gen Tamim told members of the Indian Business and Professional Council at a special address this morning. "The Indian community respects and abides by the law."

About 10,239 cases of bounced cheque cases have been recorded against Indian expatriates in the first six months of this year, until June 25. Last year, nearly 21,000 cases - or about double the number so far this year, were registered. In 2010, the highest number - 23,825 cases - were recorded, compared with 7,500 cases in 2009.

"The economic downturn and financial crisis led to many things in 2010...bouncing a cheque is a crime here," said Lt Gen Tamim.

Discussing the problem with creditors and promising to pay the money back instead of fleeing the country, becoming a "fugitive", was far better, he said.

More than 11,700 criminal offences have been filed against Indian nationals so far this year, and police recorded nearly 24,000 offences last year.