x Abu Dhabi, UAE Friday 21 July 2017

Drydocks World delivers vessel to Swift Drilling

Dubai's Drydocks World delivers a jack-up barge to Holland's Swift Drilling for use in wind-farm installations.

Drydocks World of Dubai has delivered a mobile work platform to Swift Drilling of the Netherlands under a contract valued at Dh89.4 million (US$24.3m).

The specialised "jack-up barge", equipped with a 2,700 square metre deck, an offshore crane, a helicopter landing pad and extendable legs, is expected to be used for installing wind farms, said Drydocks, a marine construction and ship repair company.

The 1,750-tonne capacity self-propelled vessel was built at the company's shipyard in Nanindah, Indonesia. Drydocks said it had a second unit under construction at Graha, Indonesia.

This month, the company announced it had launched a 1,500-tonne capacity jack-up barge from its Graha yard for delivery to Norway's Master Marine.

That vessel was to be used to install 88 wind turbines and two offshore electricity sub-stations at the Sheringham Shoal Offshore Wind Farm off the coast of Norfolk in the UK.

"We are happy that our services are being increasingly relied upon by key industry players, which highlights our engineering and construction capabilities to support marine, offshore and wind energy installations," Khamis Buamim, the chairman of Drydocks, said yesterday.

The Dubai company is the second UAE marine contractor to establish a new line of business supplying service equipment to European offshore wind-power developers.

The sector is undergoing a construction boom as a bloc of 15 EU countries race to meet a joint commitment to lower carbon emissions to below 90 per cent of 1990 levels in the next 10 years.

Lamprell, which builds equipment for the offshore energy industry at its yards in Dubai and Sharjah, has landed almost $500m worth of contracts this year with European companies to supply specialised vessels for installing wind turbines in the North Sea.