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Digital India ambitions drive IT trade amid strong competition

Rohit Sinha, the vice president of sales for Blue Star Infotech, talks about the IT outsourcing trends affecting India.

Rohit Sinha, the vice president of sales for Blue Star Infotech, talks about the IT outsourcing trends affecting India.

Which countries are becoming increasingly popular alternatives to India in terms of IT outsourcing and what are the advantages that India has over those markets?

The Philippines is emerging as a low-cost destination. Brazil and Argentina are also important destinations because of their close proximity to the US market. China is another important outsourcing destination. From India’s perspective, we have multiple advantages such as skilled manpower, good institutes and competitive costs. Also, we are home to some of the world’s leading technology companies. India is an IT hub, with favourable export policies and a stable economy that ensures not just cost benefits, but also quality output for outsourcing IT.

At Blue Star Infotech, how are you adapting to the challenges the sector is facing?

With the advent of disruptive technologies, things have changed completely. Customer behaviour has changed completely in the last decade. Today they are living in a better connected world and can access information at the touch of a button. Businesses need to evolve to match customer expectations. We are focusing on mobile, analytics and cloud, which we understand to be key platforms for delivering services. Analytics is the technology of the future and will enable enterprises to get real-time information and customer insights. We have entered into strategic investment with a global analytics firm to further strengthen our expertise in this area.

Where are most of your clients located?

Most of our clients are located in the US followed by India, South East Asia, UK and Europe. We just started our operations in the Middle East.

What will help to drive business?

Looking at the country’s current political situation which is highly stable, many companies are looking to set up shop in India. Another key driver supplementing IT outsourcing in India is the government’s huge thrust on technology to deliver citizen-centric services and to bring in transparency in governance. The government’s vision of Digital India will obviously be a boost for technology companies.


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