Abu Dhabi, UAEThursday 27 June 2019

Dubai strives to create value as it eyes expansion of aviation district

Dubai South is set to be an industrial hub for the emirate

Dubai’s ambition to be a formidable player in the aviation field has no limits. The emirate has incrementally put in place all the necessary blocks that have contributed to its success thus far and will guarantee the viability of a strong ecosystem in the future.

Dubai International is already the busiest airport in the world. The emirate has earmarked some $36 billion on the development of its second airport, Maktoum International and its encompassing logistics hub known as Dubai South that are adjacent to the Expo2020 site. When its expansion is complete Al Maktoum International will be the largest airport in the world with a capacity to serve more than 160 million passengers.

Dubai South’s ecosystem integrates various facets of transportation into one zone; logistics, commercial offices, residential property, along with a golf city.

Our lead story illustrates the insatiable appetite of Dubai South’s aviation district as it vies to expand further and attract new players from the aircraft manufacturing and maintenance operations that feed into the emirate’s growing aviation hub.

With Expo2020 nearing, plans to complete Maktoum International’s expansion is ongoing. Dubai ever more integrated into the global economy and leveraged as a springboard by multinationals to serve the local and wider regional market. Tahnoon Saif, vice-president of aviation at Dubai South tells The National it makes sense to look ahead to the second phase of the zones development.


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With Emirates, Etihad and flydubai growing exponentially, the Dubai South Aviation District stands to benefit as companies look to cater to the carriers and their servicing needs. But servicing is only one element.

“Manufacturing is a key area of focus for us,” Mr Saif says. “We are working with Dubai Industrial Strategy to draw up a plan for the manufacturing of aircraft units and parts at the district. The ultimate plan is to have a proper set-up for manufacturing.”

Cultivating a manufacturing base is key to long term productivity. It reflects a paradigm shift in how the emirate’s economy has changed, its evolution and its pivot to creating value.

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