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Clean-conscience laundry with Bosch's washing machine

The Life: German manufacturer Bosch has just launched the highest energy efficiency rated washing machine in the UAE.

Georg Kazantzidis is the marketing director for Bosch Home Appliances Middle East. Pawan Singh / The National
Georg Kazantzidis is the marketing director for Bosch Home Appliances Middle East. Pawan Singh / The National

The German manufacturer Bosch has just launched its Avantixx range, the highest energy efficiency rated washing machine in the UAE.

Georg Kazantzidis, the marketing and business development director at Bosch Home Appliances Middle East, reveals more about the product and UAE consumers' attitudes towards wasting resources.


What is so special about this washing machine?

Bosch launched the new Avantixx front loader washing machine here, which holds the highest energy efficient label, A+++, which puts us in the leading position compared to our competitors. You won't find a higher energy efficiency rated washing machine in the UAE. With regards to the technology, it has a very energy efficient motor with a new system called ActiveWater. This intelligently uses safe water, depending on the washing load.


Why is it important to have energy efficient appliances?

Home appliances in general consume roughly 30 per cent of energy and water used in households in the UAE. Looking at the environment here, water is a scarcity, energy is produced by burning oil which is expensive, so there is a need for appliances that can help people save water. From that point of view we're in line with local government and authorities who are promoting energy efficient appliances. We are trying with research and development by offering new technologies into the market for governments to achieve these targets.


How much water does this washing machine save?

It uses up to 6 litres of water per wash cycle. A typical wash cycle for 60° cotton uses around 10 litres on standard washing machines. As for energy costs, it can save you up to 42 per cent in energy costs.


How aware are UAE customers of the importance of being energy efficient compared to other countries and regions?

Customers here are very aware. This is a global trend and the trend is now coming into this region. We are fully aware that energy and resource costs are still quite low, but customers are quite aware of the environmental impact of wasting resources. We believe this will be highly acknowledged.


The Emirates Standardisation and Metrology Authority recently introduced a new energy rating system to be displayed on all appliances in the country. What do you think of this?

We are in favour of this. We worked with them to develop the energy labels and we see it as a very positive sign. It will show clearly what the consumption levels of home appliances will be and it will be very clear to the consumer, who can make a conscious decision and can enable them to differentiate between good and bad home appliances. It makes the market more transparent.


Are you launching any more products?

We are launching a new range of fridges with bottom freezers with better energy consumption next year. We also have more washing machines coming at the end of this year.


Where does your main competition come from?

Our main competitors are from the Asian countries. We promise to be a leader in energy and water savings with traditional German values like quality, durability and performance, and that's how we differentiate ourselves.


The population in the UAE can be quite transient. How does that affect your sales?

There is a lot of fluctuation in the population and people are more sensitive in investing in home appliances. But they realise premium brands like Bosch are priced quite attractively compared to Europe because we are in a tech haven with no VAT, which allows us to have quite attractive pricing in the market. So a lot of customers take the appliances back with them when they leave. So it is a different market.