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Boxes to tick before you buy

The Life: Watches are about the only jewellery that is acceptable for men to wear. If you're into watches, one model is no longer enough

You need one watch to play sport, another for the office and probably a different model altogether for the evening. To help make this difficult decision, we look at some of the trends for this year.

Q: I'm thinking of trading in my IWC and buying something a bit more trendy. What should I go for?

A: Think military. Not divers' watches, that's old hat, but retro-military or aviation with single faces and canvas green straps. Brands such as Hamilton, Bulova and MWC are all making more expensive versions of their utilitarian watches. To really impress, think of an onion-shaped bezel so you can wind the watch without taking your flying gloves off.

Q: Should I get rid of the crocodile strap too?

A: Absolutely. If you can, get a double canvas strap, one that you could wind round your overhauls. Not much use in the office, but it looks cool.

Q: I'm worried I'll look like a teenager.

A: Have no fear. Teenagers don't wear watches, just as they don't read newspapers. They're too busy checking their BlackBerrys to think about which watch to wear.

Q: Isn't this a retro step?

A: Yes, you're right. The trend now is for simple design, wind-up mechanisms, and faces that are easy to read.

* Rupert Wright