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Bespoke approach for a suitable webcam fit

The Life: Knot Standard, a UAE-based online tailor, has just launched its webcam measuring service. Co-founder Tarig El Sheikh speaks about the technology.

Knot Standard, an online UAE-based tailor, last month launched a webcam measuring service. The system, which requires people to stand in front of a webcam holding a CD, is about 90 per cent accurate. Tarig El Sheikh, a co-founder, speaks about the take-up of the technology.


How did you get the idea for the webcam measure service?

a We saw the webcam service as a natural addition to our company. And we really pride ourselves with combining technology and retail. For us, it represents in many ways the ultimate solution in providing our service into different geographies.


Did you develop it in-house or get some help?

We developed the technology with another partner called UPcload in Germany and we are always on the hunt for new technologies and other partners as well. We are working on a couple of very cool things. Mashable quoted us as being one of the top five companies trying to change the way people shop online. So we definitely want to keep that title and we're always working for the next cool big thing.


When did the automatic measuring service launch on the website?

We soft launched it [at the start of March], and we were testing it way before that to ensure that the numbers that fed through and some of the products that came through were spot-on. But only time will tell in terms of statistics and how customers will react to it. I think we're the first to do it.


What has the reaction been like?

The reaction from all of these places is one of complete surprise. Two weeks [after] we launched the webcam, it had already become the most popular form of measurement, with over 50 per cent of our customers using it. It hasn't been difficult to convince people to use it. Most consider the webcam to be fairly unforgiving, and we have spent a lot of time making sure that it delivers on its promise. Once our customers see the instructional videos, they understand that it's a very solid and well thought-out system. The accuracy rate is in the high-end at 90 per cent. They always come back with a couple of extra questions. Because we are Knot Standard, every suit is unique, so they tend to interact with us the same way and say you have my measurements, however, I wanted this extra tweak or this extra embroidery.


What is next, technology wise, for Knot Standard?

We are working on a couple of very exciting technology partnerships that we are hoping to launch towards the middle of this year. I can't discuss them right now as we are just ironing out the bits and pieces.


In addition to being measured up via webcam you can also have a tailor take down your figures. You also carbon copy suits people send in. Have you ever had anything out of the ordinary?

There's no end to the funny stories of some of the things we have been sent, including someone's grandad's Second World War army suit which they wanted to get married in. We thought that would be quite cool. Let's give it a shot; he was quite happy with it.