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Arab world ready for advertising in tablet form

Senior ad executive said that there would be demand for iPad-only publications in the Arab world.

The front page of The Daily, an electronic newspaper designed for the iPad. AFP PHOTO/Stan HONDA
The front page of The Daily, an electronic newspaper designed for the iPad. AFP PHOTO/Stan HONDA

Publications designed specifically for 'tablet' devices like the iPad would be a hit with advertisers in the Arab world, according to a senior media executive.

Dani Richa, the group president for the MENA region at advertising agency Impact BBDO, said that regional versions of publications such as The Daily, which was launched last week by Rupert Murdoch, would be popular with local advertisers.

"When you're holding the tablet or the iPad... if you put the brand at the centre of it, I think you will create connections with your brand and the consumer that were never [there] before," said Mr Richa.

"There is [demand], definitely... Whether it's a service industry, or promoting a banking product, or whether it's a soft drink."

Rupert Murdoch's The Daily was launched last week at an event at the Guggenheim museum in New York. Annual subscriptions for the iPad-only "newspaper" cost $39.99, while weekly subscriptions will cost 99 cents.


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The product will also take advertising: the title is available free through a sponsorship deal with Verizon. Mr Murdoch reportedly said at the event that the decision to charge for the application will help "draw a better class of advertiser and a better rate".

The publication, which has been called "a national newspaper", boasts multimedia features including video, 360-degree photographs and options to share articles on Facebook and Twitter.

The project has reportedly cost $30 million to develop and will operate at a cost of $500,000 a week to cover editorial and production expenses.

Adrian Drury, an analyst at Ovum, points out that iPad publishers face giving up a proportion of their subscription revenue to Apple.

"News Corp will be playing by Apple's rules and processing subscriptions through the in-app payment functionality and paying a revenue share in the process," wrote Mr Drury. "The specific terms News Corp have negotiated are unknown, but every other publisher now faces paying 30 per cent of their hard won iOS [Apple's mobile operating system] application subscription revenue to Apple," wrote Mr Drury.


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