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Brits make best superheroes

Letters also discuss education forum, justice in assault case, Assange trial and other topics.

A reader notes that actors in superhero roles, including Spider-Man, all happen to be British. Columbia / Marvel Comics
A reader notes that actors in superhero roles, including Spider-Man, all happen to be British. Columbia / Marvel Comics

In reference to Reading time is key for young minds (February 2), on Tuesday I attended the forum organised by the KHDA called "The Role of Parents In Education at the School of Government".

I just wanted to say what a success that forum was. It was insightful and timely in our society.

The director of KHDA, Dr Abdullah Karam, took the time to personally talk to me about the role of ethical education in our school system and how parents need to be involved.

As a trainer and consultant in ethical training for corporations, I can tell you that the KHDA is addressing the problem at a grass-roots level. They are trying to solve the core of the problem and work on prevention rather than just a cure. Thank you KHDA.

Niloofar Rouhani, Abu Dhabi

'No justice' in assault case

One month is not enough time for the crime ('I didn't know if my baby was alive or dead', February 2).

These men should be ashamed of themselves for such horrific behaviour.

Michelle Parker, Dubai

I feel sorry for the couple who met such dangerous people (Justice for pregnant woman beaten in Dubai's Ikea cafeteria, February 1).

But this is not justice. These men must serve years in jail to be an example to others.

Any one of us can be a victim of this sort of crime.

AA, Dubai

Will Assange be served by justice?

The news story Assange resumes extradition fight, (February 2) was very illuminating.

If the UK justice system rules against the 40-year-old Australian, he will immediately be on a flight to Sweden where he risks being arrested for alleged sex crimes.

The conflict seems to arise from the fact that only judges should issue arrest warrants, but the arrest warrant for Julian Assange has been issued by a public prosecutor, and not by a judge.

We will see very soon whether different legal systems (UK, US and Swedish) will reach an agreement and fulfil their obligations reasonably and fairly.

Courts may eventually teach Mr Assange a lesson about justice, but he has brought changes to the issues of confidentiality and of accountability concerning global politics.

Gabriela Lombardi, Abu Dhabi

Greece could set grim precedent

I hope that the recession in the euro zone will end in the spring of 2012 as several economists and analysts predict (More pain in Spain as euro crisis drags on, January 31).

A negotiated settlement in Greece might become a template for truly gruesome figures from other struggling countries like Ireland, Italy, Spain and Portugal.

It seems that lowering the minimum wage, enforcing swingeing civil-servant layoffs and reducing government spending are the simple reforms for never-ending debt talks in these days.

In order not to skip the recession phase and go straight into depression, the governments and the public should have the will to save their countries and work closely with the European Commission, the IMF and the European Central Bank.

Gaye Caglayan, Dubai

Brit actors make best superheroes

Superheroes are quintessentially American yet all three major characters reaching our screens in 2012 and 2013 will be played by British actors (In cinemas this summer, a superhero showdown, February 1).

Christian Bale in The Dark Knight Rises; Andrew Garfield in The Amazing Spider-Man; and Henry Cavill as Superman in Man of Steel.

In fact, two of the best examples of the genre recently have originated from the UK and both injected a very local scepticism into the superhero concept.

The Channel 4 series Misfits is one. And the movie Kick Ass (produced and directed by the Britons Matthew Vaughan and Jane Goldman) imagines how ineffective a real-life pretend superhero crime fighter would be.

It was by far the most irreverent and enjoyable film of the superhero genre, although it never really caught the imagination of audiences outside the UK.

Des Brown, Abu Dhabi

Protecting kids is not complicated

This is very sad, but for goodness sake why don't these people learn (Three-year-old dies in apartment plunge after December rescue, February 2).

It makes my blood boil. It's so simple: keep your kids away from balconies and windows and always know where they are and what they are doing. It's not rocket science.

Lizzie English, Dubai