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Bombings show need for intervention

A reader says the latest violence in Syria is reason for foreign powers to act. Other letter topics: visas, heritage and National Day.

Syrians inspect the damage from one of Wednesday's car bombings. A reader says the killing must stop. AFP / STR
Syrians inspect the damage from one of Wednesday's car bombings. A reader says the killing must stop. AFP / STR

Looking forward to the celebration of a great nation

Sunday will be my first National Day in the UAE, and I am very much looking forward to it.

The way in which people here - Emiratis and expatriates alike - have embraced the celebration has impressed me greatly.

It is a joy to see the flags and lights on buildings, public and private, the decorated cars and the smiles on people's faces.

I hope everybody has an enjoyable holiday, and I also that they take time to reflect on what has been achieved in this country through dedication, cooperation and tolerance.

The UAE stands out as a beacon of prosperity, stability and tolerance. May it be so for the next 41 years and beyond.

RN Major, Abu Dhabi

Bombings show need to intervene

I was saddened to read Twin car bombs kill 34 people in 'safe' Syrian neighbourhood (November 29).

There is no doubt that there will be finger-pointing and differing theories about exactly who planted these bombs.

That will make no difference at all to the victims or their grieving relatives - or, indeed, the many thousands who have already died in this civil war.

Intervention is overdue; other nations must not stand by and allow the killing in Syria to continue.

B Dunne, Dubai

Victims of an ugly experiment

I am writing in reference to Palestinians look for diplomatic victory (November 29).

Besieged Palestinian Gaza is an experiment in provocation.

Cram one and a half million people into a tiny space, stifle their access to water, electricity, food and medical treatment, destroy their livelihoods, and humiliate them regularly - and, surprise, surprise, they turn hostile.

Why would one want to make that experiment? Because the hostility you provoke is the whole point.

Now under attack, you can cast yourself as the victim, and call out the helicopter gunships and the F-16 attack fighters and the heavy tanks and the guided missiles, and destroy yet more of the pathetic remains of infrastructure that the Palestinians have left.

And then you can point to it as a hopeless case, unfit to govern itself, a terrorist state, a state with which you couldn't possibly reach an accommodation.

And then you can carry on with business as usual, quietly stealing their homeland.

John Wilcox, US

Korean language classes popular

I'd like to offer a little clarification on the Korean Ambassador's comment about Korean language lessons at Zayed University, as reported in Korean connection powers both countries (November 21).

I am the coordinator of the King Sejong Institute for Korean Language and Culture at Zayed University.

Zayed University has just started its third year of Korean classes for students and the general public, thanks to a programme partially sponsored by the Korean Government.

Requests for additional classes from organisations dealing with Korean interests in the UAE have risen dramatically in the past year as a direct result of the increasing ties mentioned in your article.

Donald Glass, Abu Dhabi

Volunteers set a good example

The profiles on Emirates Foundation volunteers ('It is the most fulfilling feeling you will ever get in life', November 28), were inspiring.

I heartily congratulate the sponsors of this programme and everybody who participates in it.

If so many people have the attitude that it's a worthwhile thing to give of their time and talent to help others, then the future looks very bright.

Joan Ryan, Dubai

Canadian visa move applauded

Canada seeks level terms on visas (November 29) is welcome news.

I certainly hope the two governments can put the past dispute over airline landing rights behind them and free up movement between these two great nations.

The benefits in terms of business investment and tourism opportunities are obvious.

M Amsler, Dubai

Heritage bid will attract tourists

I support the efforts described in Heritage site bid for Dubai Creek (November 28).

The creek has long been the lifeblood of the Dubai emirate, and it is absolutely worthy of World Heritage status.

Not only will this help protect the ecosystem, it will provide another reason for people to visit the UAE.

R Cryer, Dubai