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Bollywood or bust for Brad?

A reader says if Brad Pitt decides to make a film in India, it will be good for the international movie industry. Other letter topics: rentals, recycling and racism.

A reader welcomes Hollywood actor Brad Pitt's interest in performing in a Bollywood film. Alberto Pizzoli / AFP
A reader welcomes Hollywood actor Brad Pitt's interest in performing in a Bollywood film. Alberto Pizzoli / AFP

Not all residents are unhappy with new development

Tenants want their new homes in good order (September 18) was a very disappointing article.

I live at Al Muneera and I am extremely happy with all aspects of the development. The views are great, the beach is delightful, the canal path is unique and the facilities are just the ticket.

The shops are now fitting-out; when they are complete, I will struggle to think of reasons to leave this paradise.

When I received my apartment it was in excellent order and with the appropriate care it is still in excellent condition.

I have lived in numerous buildings in Abu Dhabi, new and old; in all cases, if you don't keep your air conditioning on through the summer months then you will probably get mould. This, in my view, is easy to avoid.

Surely, if a property is left vacant and problems like this occur, then it is the responsibility of the owner and not the developer. I have sympathy for residents who are experiencing problems, but the development is less than a year old and will inevitably experience some teething problems.

The underlying quality undoubtedly shines through for me and for the residents with whom I have spoken. I have never been happier while living in Abu Dhabi. Getting home in the evening after work is like arriving on holiday.

J Mawby, Abu Dhabi

Willing to recycle, but unable to do it

I am writing in response to Recycling drive as Dubai runs out of landfill space to dump rubbish (September 23).

Show me where I can recycle and I will do it. There is no alternative for most people than to dump their rubbish.

SJ Fallon, Dubai

Freedom requires responsibility

There is a difference between freedom of speech and insulting a religion followed by more than a billion people (New cartoons denigrate Islam, September 20).

Hiding behind freedom of speech to expose your bigoted opinions, racial hatred or religious intolerance isn't doing freedom of speech any favours.

Aziza Al Busaidy, Dubai

Paying upfront is unfair to tenants

I am writing in reference to Dubai will ban agencies and brokers who flout property rules (September 20).

How come, with all this discussion about the huge amount of money these scammers have made off with, there hasn't been a call to change the current system of paying a year's rent upfront?

This system is really unfair towards tenants. Who has that much money available to pay all in one go? There is already a signed contract between the landlord and tenant, so why demand payment for the year?

It would be better to just pay monthly, as has been the case everywhere else I have lived.

Jennifer Fisher, Abu Dhabi

Make it easy for debtors to pay

Your writer Aida Al Busaidy says: There must be a better way than jail for consumer debt (September 23), Well, there is a better way.

I support debt neutrality, where people agree to pay down their debts and in exchange they are not charged interest, penalties or fees.

Once consumer debt drops at least by 50 per cent, new types of credit cards need to be introduced, with monthly minimum payments that are higher than 2 per cent.

Monthly minimum payments of 5 to 15 per cent would greatly reduce the amount of debt people get into.

However, to simply implement such a plan now would be unfair, as people who are barely hanging on would simply default.

Also, I think the authorities should change the rule that debt restructure first requires a default. This would assist honest people who are trying to get out of debt.

A Machi, Dubai

Owner wants an end to standoff

I am writing about the situation at Al Hamra Village (Residents fear being locked out over fees row, September 22).

Surely the Ras Al Khaimah authorities should intervene soon.

I am an owner and I am very unhappy about paying these unjustified charges.

Name and address withheld

Pitt-Rai pairing most welcome

Brad Pitt on Bollywood? He's interested (September 23)is great news.

The movie industry should be international, and bringing one of America's biggest stars to India would make that point.

Teaming Pitt with the beautiful and extremely talented Aishwarya Rai would be a dream come true for many film fans.

Michael Peterson, Dubai