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Blame lack of jobs for protests around the world

Unemployment is the real root cause of protest movements in many countries, a reader says. Other letter topics: Indian floods, Quran translations, monster lorries, and James Gandolfini.

A reader notes that protests, such as this one in Sao Paulo, have become a global phenomenon. Junior Lago / Reuters
A reader notes that protests, such as this one in Sao Paulo, have become a global phenomenon. Junior Lago / Reuters

Flash flooding in Himalayan state a tragedy for India

Indian rescuers race to save 50,000 left stranded (June 22), about the flash flooding in the Himalayan state of Uttarakhand, was sad to read.

This flood has been one of the biggest disasters in recent Indian history. Claims that the government took no action despite warnings about development and construction in ecologically sensitive areas are cause for concern.

Nevertheless, rescue workers from the air force and army are doing a commendable job. While the number of casualties is not yet known, I hope for the safe return of many people to their hometowns.

K Ragavan, India

Caution urged on Quran translations

I agree with the statement by the Grand Mufti of Dubai, Dr Ahmad Abdulaziz Al Haddad, in Warning over unofficial Quran translations (June 22).

There are many different versions, so one has to be very careful.

N Nasir, Dubai

Protests the result of unemployment

Alan Philps's article, Governments can't keep up with middle-class demands (June 20), has captured the reality of the situation.

The waves of protests and demands are not just happening in the Middle East, they are spreading across other continents. Brazilians are the latest to hit the streets.

The fact is that traditions are being challenged, and members of Generation Y are becoming uncompromising in their need to be heard.

The root cause of all these demonstrations is the shocking reality of increasing unemployment - and this has been conveniently overlooked by many governments.

Protests have become very common and they are justified under the concept of democracy.

Young people have realised the need to assemble to bring attention to their grievances, and social networking has done a great deal to help communicate their ideology.

Ramachandran Nair, Oman

Appearances are not important

I am writing in reference to Cosmetic surgery for children aged 7 (June 16).

It is not one's physical appearance that needs to be changed, it is one's attitude towards oneself and towards other people.

C Perez, US

TV wiseguy was also a nice guy

I was sad to read The Sopranos star James Gandolfini dies in Rome (June 20).

He was my favourite character on my favourite television series. From what I have read, he was a nice and caring person, too.

Sajjad Rizvi, US

Millionaire is on an inspiring mission

I refer to Millionaire's life on the street (June 21), about entrepreneur Arif Mirza leaving his luxurious apartment behind to experience the lot of a migrant worker.

Mr Mirza, you inspired me and I hope to do what you have done.

If each one of us does what you do once a year, we would all realise that we are the same in this world, and we will make the world a better place to live.

Thank you for sharing with us.

Name withheld by request

I commend Mr Mirza for this. Even if it was done for publicity, I still think it was a good move.

Ursula Riches, UK

Missing the point of monster lorries

Judging by her blog post Watching the beasts became my burden (May 16), I don't think Ayesha Al Khoori fully grasps the concept of Monster Jam.

It's up to her to say if she found the show boring, but how on Earth could it be irrelevant?

The organisers of these events are reaching out to everyone - which is why you see branded soft-drink cups and suchlike for the children, and serious technical commentary for the more mature petrolheads in the crowd.

The lorries accelerated "slowly" because the sandy surface was different to the dirt they usually run on in the US, UK and Europe.

It seems like the writer left before the freestyle event, which is the high-flying, car-crushing stuff she apparently wanted to see.

Name withheld by request