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Bikes available on hire in many parts of the Gulf region

A reader hopes that the Pistorious case will not turn into an "instant replay" of the OJ Simpson case. Other letter topics include: bikes, honey, sports, work hours.

A reader says bikes are available to rent at many places in the Gulf region. Sarah Dea / The National
A reader says bikes are available to rent at many places in the Gulf region. Sarah Dea / The National

No excuse for Pistorius to keep unsecured gun

I am referring to Pistoriuscharged with killing model (February 15).

I would hate to see this turn into an "instant replay" of the OJ Simpson case, but it's hard to determine from this article if the guy is still denying he did it or, as they say in old American gangster movies, just "dickering for a lighter rap".

The evidence looks circumstantial at this point, with anyone having perhaps been capable of finding the gun, loading it, pointing it at the victim and pulling the trigger.

I love guns too, but there is no excuse for keeping them unsecured. If this case is to set an international precedent, may I suggest that if the gun was, in fact, unsecured, he be found guilty of a crime.

Thomas Bleser, US

Smokers must be aware of others

In the article Shisha lovers fuming over smoke ban (February 24), a customer has been quoted saying: "We know it's unhealthy, and we don't want to cause harm to other people."

Here's a considerate smoker. Well, we all know that smoking is bad (although some people just like to ignore this fact). As for the shisha, it is more than just smoking. It's something that binds people together. But while socialising over a shisha, we should be mindful of those around us. At the same time, the Turkish government must show some flexibility over this issue.

Name withheld by request

A case study on medicinal honey

The healing power of Manuka honey is something I can attest to (Honey restricts growth of three kinds of cancer, February 25). I have used it successfully to cure an ulcer in my leg by mixing it with moisturising cream. No other treatment proved to be as effective.

Rod Adam, Abu Dhabi

Games must unite people

I was shocked by the expression of racism in the article, Emirates Palace opens field (February 19).

Three times the culture of cricket in the UAE has been described as subcontinental.

That one word conjures up pictures of British people during the Raj relaxing and enjoying their so-called sociable game away from the native riffraff. How incredibly ignorant. I attended the Abu Dhabi Harlequins' rugby match some time ago and saw Arabs and westerners as well as people from the subcontinent playing on one team. That is what sport in the UAE should do - unite people of different cultural backgrounds, not promote the cultural stratification already rife in our community.

E Brewer, Dubai

Bike rental service not new in region

I am surprised to read the news about Dubai's rent-a-bike service on your website (Dubai's rent-a-bike service is first of its kind in the Middle East, February 14).

Renting bikes has always been an option in the region, especially in Amman and Beirut. Even Wolfi's shop in Dubai offers bikes for rent. Eppco on Jumeira Road rents out bikes.

Amar M, Dhabi

Raising hours of work can backfire

I am referring to the article, Ghobash: nation is at a jobs crossroads (February 19). I am not quite convinced about the suggestion to increase the work day from eight to nine hours. The majority of employees in private companies work from 8am to 6pm, which is 10 hours. If you deduct one hour for lunch break, it is still nine hours. So, if work hours are increased further, it will leave room for employers to manipulate.

Naureen Kamal, Dubai