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Bearish over Pitbull concert

A reader is unenthused about the Dubai gig by rapper Pitbull and would rather hear more classical and Arabic music. Other letter topics: idling cars, mobile phones and Kim Kardashian.
A reader says she'll give Pitbull a miss, but would like to see more classical concerts. Angel Delgado / Getty Images
A reader says she'll give Pitbull a miss, but would like to see more classical concerts. Angel Delgado / Getty Images

I think we should fine drivers who keep their cars running idle for a long period (A midday break to benefit everyone, June 19).

Very often we get to see expensive cars with their engines on, without a driver inside and probably locked from the outside using a spare key.

The sight is common in front of major offices and shopping areas. This is a waste of valuable energy and may present a danger during the hot summer.

People ignore advice on this issue, just to avoid a few minutes of sitting inside a hot car - something they could easily overcome by driving for a few minutes with open windows.

I think the authorities should ensure that Mawaqif inspectors fine drivers those who do this.

Ramesh Menon, Abu Dhabi

Pay rise proposal looks to the future

Regarding your story Salary rise 'would lead to rush on pensions' (June 20), why should you have to retire early when you are still capable of performing your job?

The argument that the older generation should retire to allow younger workers to replace them does not hold water because there are plenty of jobs.

What the Government has done here is wise and is necessary to ensure that future generations are taken care of.

Ziad Q, Dubai

Issues require understanding

Regarding The war on the roof of the world (June 19), the Siachen glacier has been of great importance not just to the Indians and Pakistanis, but to the Kashmiri people.

Siachen has always been an integral part of Kashmiri territory.

I believe this article has been written from an Indian point of view.

It gives no clue of the Kashmiri people's suffering. Their voices have been suppressed by both sides.

The world fails to understand that it is the Kashmiris who have been oppressed in this war.

Amir Shah, Abu Dhabi

Crime reflects a worrying trend

In reference to Court orders body parts accused to stay in custody (June 14), what exactly has become of humanity?

Bizarre behaviour by human beings seems to be on the increase in recent times.

Joel Chibueze, Nigeria

Litter campaign a good example

I am writing in response to No butts: if you drop litter, you will be fined (June 19).

Please send your enforcement officers here to America.

Paul Brooke, US

Set your phone to silent, please

There seems to be a certain type of person who just can't comprehend the idea of turning their phones off as a simple matter of etiquette (Chief justice has man arrested after mobile phone rings in court, June 20).

Tell them they must turn off their phones and they think that you are not talking to them.

I think an appropriate punishment in this instance would be to have the offender's mobile number cancelled.

Donald Glass, Abu Dhabi

Kardashian is not representative

I have just read Kim Kardashian proud to represent Middle Eastern women (June 20).

Excuse me, but why should an American represent Middle Eastern women?

According to online sources, Kimberly Noel Kardashian was born in Los Angeles, California, the daughter of attorney Robert Kardashian and his wife Kris Kardashian (née Houghton).

Her father was a third generation Armenian American, and her mother is of Dutch and Scottish descent.

Maybe she meant she represents Texas, in America's middle east.

S Wieland, Qatar

I don't think Kim Kardashian represents anybody other than herself.

It is offensive on many levels for her to pretend otherwise.

Ian Dunn, Abu Dhabi

Forget rap, let's hear the classics

Pitbull? He doesn't sound too friendly (Rapper Pitbull to perform in Dubai, May 31).

I wouldn't go to that concert, because I prefer to listen to classical music.

What we need in the UAE is much more classical music, and more Emirati musicians who play original Arabian music.

Brigitte von Bulow, Abu Dhabi

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