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Beach Boys' endless summer

The old rockers are back at their best, a reader says. Other letter topics: death sentences for drug offences, Egypt's future and private schools.

The Beach Boys' new album deserves Grammy consideration, a reader says. Michael Dwyer / AP
The Beach Boys' new album deserves Grammy consideration, a reader says. Michael Dwyer / AP

I am writing in response to Dubai private schools reap Dh3.5bn in tuition fees (June 27).

I believe it is time for the government to regulate private schools, as this directly affects the local economy.

In Mexico, where private schools are the preferred option for parents who can afford them, the government places limits on schools' profit margins and forces them to offer a minimum number of scholarships to students who need them.

Depending on your income and situation, you can apply for your child to receive a partial or full scholarship.

There needs to be more disclosure about the profits made by private schools, and how much of the money is invested back into the school to justify their rates.

Mariana Cavelier, Dubai

Hard sentence for selling 'soft' drug

A death sentence for selling "soft" drugs is very harsh (Legal experts give drug pair hope, June 27).

Sure, the sale (and consumption) of drugs in the UAE is illegal but a sentence should depend on the severity of the crime or, in this case, the severity of the drug.

Marijuana is "soft" compared to some pharmaceutical off-the-shelf medicines. It's not cocaine or opium/heroin.

I really think the punishment should depend on what type of drug is involved and not only the fact that it is a drug.

Abdul Ismail, Abu Dhabi

Will Egypt retain its role in region?

Apropos your story Tahrir hails new president Morsi (June 25), the victory of Mohammed Morsi in the historic Egyptian election has ended many months of political ambiguity.

The popular uprising to remove Hosni Mubarak from power, which turned violent on many occasions, is now leading to a path of democracy. However, the military still has strong influence.

One should not overlook the position of Egypt and its active involvement in Middle East affairs in the recent past.

Egypt has taken a vibrant approach by engaging with everyone at the negotiating table, and it has had some success.

For Egypt to maintain its crucial role as the mediator of the region, the achievements of the Mubarak era cannot be ignored by any administration coming to power.

As the newly elected president, Mr Morsi will have many hefty challenges ahead of him, primarily to make everyone comfortable under his leadership.

Ramachandran Nair, Oman

Fashion feature a possible faux pas

Regarding your "modest fashion" article and picture, Fun, stylish and safe under the sun (June 25), I thought tank tops were a no-no in the UAE. Erin Brannen, Abu Dhabi

Beach Boys still hit the right note

Out of the many reviews of the new Beach Boys album, your review (Boys are back, June 5) captures the essence of its quality with exceptional brevity.

I agree with the four out of five stars James McNair awarded to That's Why God Made the Radio.

I also agree with him that From There to Back Again is the standout track on the album.

I rank the song right up there with established Brian Wilson classics. With Al Jardine's improbably youthful voice, it is simply stunning. This album deserves a Grammy nomination.

Mitch Cooley, US

No winners in murder case

In reference to your review of the book about the murder of Meredith Kercher (Heartbreaking story of a forgotten victim, June 23), I think Kercher is remembered more because of this case, not less.

Also, Amanda Knox and Raffaele Sollecito, who were acquitted of Kercher's murder, did not want attention; that was the media's fault, not theirs.

Michelle Moore, US

Young author's story inspires

Your story about Pritvik Sinhdac (Young author with a monster future, June 27) is so inspirational.

I can't believe he is only seven. I told my son about it and now he wants to write a book.

Ali Tosh, UK

It's so nice to see a young child take such incredible initiative. His parents must be so proud of his achievement.

This makes me feel like I need to be doing more with myself.

Aziz Alsari, Abu Dhabi

This shows the diversity of talent in the UAE. Brilliant!

Leopold Dobrovolskis, Dubai