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Xbox One versus PlayStation 4: which console is right for you?

We put Microsoft's Xbox One and Sony's PlayStation 4 on a head-to-head battle.

The forthcoming PlayStation 4 console. Courtesy Sony
The forthcoming PlayStation 4 console. Courtesy Sony

Xbox One

Due out in November at a base rate of US$499 (Dh1,833)

Look: A large black box with a blend of matte and gloss. Rather similar to the PS2.

Features: 500GB hard drive, 8GB RAM, Optical drive playing Blu-ray and DVD, new controller with added vibration on individual triggers, built-in Kinect 2.0 motion and voice sensor, compatibility with phones and tablets using Smartglass app.

Microsoft’s initial reveal focused on its attempts to turn the Xbox One into a one-stop entertainment hub, able to link up with your cable TV box. Sadly, this was of no concern for Middle East users, who would more likely have been impressed with the line-up of exclusive games, many of them new IPs, as well as the ability to simultaneously have Skype running on the side. However, Microsoft stumbled with its complications over sharing games, with a license only able to be given once and to a friend on your list for at least 30 days, coupled with the need for your console to be connected online once every 24 hours for your games to work. But then, Halo?

PlayStation 4

Expected October/November. Base rate US$399 (Dh1,465)

Look: A large black box with a blend of matte and gloss. Rather similar to the PS2. And the Xbox One.

Features: 500GB hard drive, 8GB RAM, optical drive playing Blu-ray and DVD, DualShock 4 controller supporting motion detection.

Looking very similar to the Xbox One and packing a similar next-gen punch beneath the surface, Sony’s forthcoming gamer scored bonus points away from the actual technology. The biggest swing in PS4’s favour was the news that gamers would be able to swap games unrestricted, something it highlighted in a rather cheeky video showing just how this technology worked (a man passing a game to another man). Sony bosses also highlighted the fact that independent studios would be able to push their own PS4 content. Games-wise, Xbox One’s exclusive titles appeared stronger, but the titles revealed at this year’s E3 are just the beginning.


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