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Will this attraction become Dubai’s best Instagram spot?

The Museum of Illusions will open at Al Seef on September 12, featuring 80 exhibits that will challenge the senses and trick the brain

Imagine a place where you could shrink, grow in size, experience the floor shifting beneath your feet, serve your friend’s head on a platter and defy gravity by experiencing everything upside down?

The Museum of Illusions is opening its biggest branch yet in Dubai’s Al Seef, on September 12. The museum will house 80 exhibits all of which challenge the senses and trick the brain.

“When engaging with our illusions, your mind will combine some details and exclude others to create a sensory experience that defies logic,” says manager Varvara Svischeva.

Although exact details of the exhibits are being kept a secret, we do know that there will be a Vortex Tunnel - a rotating cylinder that will make you feel the ground is moving. There will also be an Ames Room, where you will appear to grow or shrink in size, depending on your proximity to the exhibit. The upside-down room makes you see everything upside down, while one of the photos we received shows a woman serving her friend's head on a platter.

The Upside-Down Room 
The Upside-Down Room

The museum of Illusions opened its first branch in the Croatian capital of Zagreb in 2015 and has since opened in six other locations, including Muscat. Here is a selection of shots from the Muscat Museum of Illusions Instagram page to see what we might expect from the Dubai location.


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