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What to watch at the Abu Dhabi Film festival 2012: Harraga Blues

Our film expert, Alex Ritman, selects his must-see movie from the Abu Dhabi Film Festival schedule.

Harraga Blues

Director: Moussa Haddad

Haddad, something of a filmmaking legend in Algeria and beyond with a career that spans back to The Battle of Algiers (he was the assistant director), tackles the subject of illegal immigration in this emotional tale of two boys - Zine and Rayanne - and their dreams of crossing the Mediterranean for a new life on the northern shores.

It's a perilous journey and one that claims the lives of hundreds of "harragas" (Arabic for "those who burn", and used to refer to many desperate youths in Algeria who wish to journey abroad).

Marina Mall, Vox 5, 9.30pm