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What Happens in Vegas

An uninventive addition to the rom com canon with a few laughs and plenty of cringes.

<i>What Happens in Vegas</i>... unfortunately didn't stay in Vegas, this time.
What Happens in Vegas... unfortunately didn't stay in Vegas, this time.

The combination of Cameron Diaz and Ashton Kutcher means expectations are met in the latest addition to the rom com canon. It's a lighthearted movie with a few laughs and plenty of cringes. Joy McNally (Diaz) is a stockbroker who strives for perfection in her relationship by planning out everything down to the last detail. After her fiancé dumps her for being a control freak, her friend Tipper (Lake Bell) convinces her to go to Vegas and have some careless fun. Meanwhile, Jack Fuller (Kutcher) gets fired from his dad's business for his sloppiness and inability to achieve. To celebrate, he and his friend Jeffrey "Hater" Lewis (Rob Corddry) go to Vegas. Jack and Joy meet after being accidentally booked into the same room, and after a night out together they impulsively get married. During a squabble the next morning, they win $3 million at a slot machine and end up in court, where the judge freezes the money and forces them to make their marriage work for six months. So the fighting and back-stabbing starts as they each try to get the other to surrender the money. The highlights of the film are Tipper's dry humour and Jeffrey's cynical behaviour, but there isn't enough of it. The uninventive plot ultimately turns into a sentimental ending, and overall it's an unmemorable film.