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Weekly UAE tweet round-up: drive safely and dress appropriately

Every week we'll round up our favourite tweets from the UAE. Things that caught our interest or made us smile.

Courtesy @asamiart
Courtesy @asamiart

Every week we'll round up our favourite tweets from the UAE. Things that caught our interest or made us smile. 

Around the UAE

Follow the road rules or @AidaAlB will make you. "I'm proud of myself. I followed a couple who had their toddler on her moms' lap facing her in the front seat & told them off!" and very right we think she was too!

@SultanAlQassemi loved this, and we do too: "25 words that don't exist in the English language http://goo.gl/uxAun by @AlexWain My favourites are 2 and 17"

Business / promotion

It's the last day so be sure to get to @ThinkUpGCC's exhibition. "Our Photographers work is being displayed at the #BIDAYA Exhibit at @TheDubaiMall until the 22nd of May! Come & be inspired."

Another great event from @MamaventsDubai "Don't forget to RSVP for our first ever MamaMeets with Polkadots & Ribbons. http://fb.me/26xnSzEr4"


Two from @TheNationalUAE "Fast food fan flies from New York to Dubai just for pizza/burger only available in UAE http://bit.ly/K2MRht" and "http://bit.ly/Ji7IAw The leaking submarine and the skipper in a Dubai court on a depth charge"


UAE trends took a more serious note this week, with #DangerDriving and #UAEDresscode among the favourites. 

#DangerDriving was started by @Swaairah who has had enough of the carnage on our roads, and we don't blame her - especially after she pointed out that road accidents are the primary cause of deaths of children in the UAE. A terrifying statistic. Hopefully we will see this thread expand.

A sombre thought from @NouraNoman "When driving a car,remember that it is more than 1.5 tons of steel and is subject to the laws of physics not magic. #DangerDriving"

And a stark warning from "@sultandarmaki #DangerDriving doesn't drive chicks crazy, instead it drives you to your grave...THINK!"

The #UAEdresscode trend has had everybody airing their two fils worth - and there have been some hot arguements raging. We agree with @EmmaPinkyB in her thought that "It's not really a hardship to ask to be dressed from the knees to upper arms really is it?"

And what a good point @shazy_n made:  "#UAEDressCode Heat is not an excuse. Would you wear a sarong to the White House if their air-conditioning system is down?"

This topic is hot right now, so join in and follow @UAEDressCode to give your view.