Abu Dhabi, UAEThursday 25 April 2019

Viral video starring UAE musician Carl Frenais beatboxing to iPhone app Siri clocked 15 million views

A video viral hit crossing beatboxing, Indian classical music and iPhone app Siri was recorded right here in the UAE. Social media has been electrified in recent days by an offbeat clip of three makeshift musicians riffing on a beat created by posing iPhone app Siri a maths problem.

The video begins with a shade-wearing guy asking his iPhone “Siri, what is one trillion to the tenth power?”

When the app obliges, repeating the number “zero” ad infinitum, the guy starts to beatbox to the rhythm. Then two women sat next to him start to sing melodies inspired by Indian classical music. It’s all really quite beautiful.

First posted on Facebook on January 19, the 54-second clip has gone on to clock a combined audience of 15 million views after being shared by hundreds of thousands of users.

Buzzfeed called the video “The Most Amazing Indian Classical Jam Ever”, while The News Minute dubbed the clip “the coolest thing on the internet today”.

What no one appears to know, however, is who these overnight sensations are.

We never forget a face – and it’s clear the guy who kicks the tune off is none other than Carl Frenais, frontman of UAE funk-rockers Carl & the Reda Mafia (maybe you caught them supporting Bon Jovi in Abu Dhabi last year?).

While Carl wasn’t at liberty to comment on the video when we called him, we’ve had it on good authority the clip was shot last week during some downtime at an office in Dubai Media City.

Apparently the stunt was never meant for public consumption, and was “leaked” online after being shared amongst friends.

It sure can’t hurt the fortunes of Carl and his Reda Mafia, whose debut album is set to be released on February 19.


Updated: January 24, 2016 04:00 AM