x Abu Dhabi, UAEThursday 18 January 2018

UAE tweets: funny short stories, and should cinemas admit babies?

Every week, Felicity Campbell rounds up the best of the UAE's tweets. This week: funny 140-character short stories, and should babies be allowed in cinemas?

Around the UAE

There is something great about the UAE, according to ­@OrnaKnowsDubai: “I never get tired of the #chivalry displayed in the #DIFC and #UAE. Of course I would like to be first in the elevator!”

That’s so nice to hear, @mrsdubai: “@taricaly It’s been nearly 15 years and I still wake up loving #Dubai every single morning”.

Thanks for this, @BellaKay: “Did you know you can register your home with #DubaiPolice for extra patrols while you’re away? My Telegraph - Expat bit.ly/KHFEWR”.


Not nice in this heat. @UAEnews: “Dh15m row leaves residents high and dry at Dubai’s plush Palm Jumeirah http://bit.ly/Me0t8U”.


@TwittterDad: “Need a personal assistant? Need someone to do the annoying stuff while u enjoy life? Then u need @AllinquePA. Tried them myself, great guys”.

@LifeNationalUAE: “Summer in Abu Dhabi is back @ADNEC, with something for everyone from youngsters to thrill-seeking teens http://www.thenational.ae/lifestyle/family/get-ready-for-a-summer-of-cool-fun-at-adnec”.


Check out the trending topic #EmiratisOnVacation, which had us laughing. As @FearlessinDubai put it: “The best thing about the hashtag #EmiratisOnVacation is that we don’t mind laughing at ourselves. Hilarious tweets!”

It’s been a great week for trends. There’s something good about this heat if it keeps everyone indoors writing things that make us laugh. This week we liked #AStories, a 140-character short story. A shoot off from @3aibAndTheCity: “PS, I strongly recommend you check out #AStories, inspired of course by my #SilentStories ideas. Just funnier”.

@abdulla885 and @ADHashemi gave the stories a UAE twist and the results were really funny. Here are a few of our favourites:

@LadyYazzy: “Of course I’m natural she said batting her faux eyelashes as she twirled her hair extensions with her gel-acrylic nails. #AStories”.

@balyousuf:“ He followed her on the road, she teased him by speeding then slowing down, he liked the game, she hit a street light, he sped away #AStories”.

@ADHashemi: “It was their first date, they had just met. He had 4 phones, she had 5. Their egos were too big for their relationship to last. #AStories”.

@iiA7md: “In the future. Dad how did you and mom meet? Dad: she followed me and I followed back. #Astories”.

?@abdulla885 He isn't her type by all means but couldn't resist his charm after seeing his G55 two digits plate number at Dubai Mall valet #AStories

Tweet us your thoughts on the news that infants may be banned from cinemas soon. We certainly know how ­@DubaiNameShame feels about babies in cinemas: “Cinemas may ban babies from all films: http://www.thenational.ae/events/categories/children/cinemas-may-ban-babies-from-all-films – PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE do it NOW”. But how do you feel? Tweet us @LifeNationalUAE.