x Abu Dhabi, UAETuesday 23 January 2018

Twitter roundup

Every week, Felicity Campbell rounds up the best of the UAE's tweets: things that made us smile or struck a chord, promotions and news.

Every week, Felicity Campbell rounds up the best of the UAE’s tweets: things that made us smile or struck a chord, promotions and news.

Around UAE

The National’s @hala_k gave us a giggle in the office with this: “I cannot stop laughing about this: http://onlyindxb.tumblr.com. @ChristopherL0rd thanks for sharing! Only in #DUBAI”. If you’re in the UAE, have a look, it will brighten up your day no end.

@dubaitara is tired of seeing these very common spelling mistakes and we are, too. Even in 140 characters, grammar is still important. “Yes.Yes.Yes! 10 Words You Need to Stop Misspelling - The Oatmeal http://theoatmeal.com/comics/misspelling via @Oatmeal”.

@tomgara has made it. “So awesome – delivery guys never understand “Tom” as a name so I say “Mr Thomas”. Saw my name on a delivery receipt today: ‘Mr Famous’”.

A look into @wildpeeta’s mind: “Damn. My stop. Have to get off the metro. Now I’ll never know what happened to him next. WHY LORD WHY!”.


We really liked this snippet courtesy of @Dubainameshame: “Drunk Driver arrested while his pet ZEBRA and MACAW were in the passenger’s seat: http://bit.ly/JwuUeo: Ha! all we had was a Parrot on JBR!”.

Follow this treasure map from @thenationaluae. Good luck on your quest: “Here’s some useful advice on how to get your Emirates ID http://bit.ly/JHqd1B you get fined for everyday past deadline without one”.


@DXBConfidential has found the perfect way for you to catch up on your reading: “Fill your bookshelf with new titles, without ever stepping into a bookstore > http://www.dubaiconfidential.ae/exquisite-things/fill-your-bookshelf-with-new-titles-without-ever-stepping-into-a-bookstore/ #Dubai #DubaiConfidential #UAE #GCC”.

The thought of a UAE summer might fill you with dread, but don’t forget there are great things about this season. For instance, amazing hotel offers such as this one from @destinology: “Flash sale for @ATLANTIS and @OOResorts, don’t miss out - free half board! http://bit.ly/JC3cMC”.


A sombre couple of days which have seen the Syrian Al Houlah Massacre in which 108 people, dozens of them women and children, died, and the mall fire in Qatar that killed 19 people trending. People in this region are crying out for an end to the bloodshed in Syria and expressing their condolences to grieving families in Qatar.

Al Houlah

@GhaziAlshammary: “Hard to focus on anything else today when my heart is breaking for Syria #AlHoulahMassacre”.

@Useful_fool: "I see humans in Syria.. But i dont see humanity! #AlHoulahMassacre”.


@MSHARIB "Sad new with innocent children from the arab world :( god help their families #Syria #Doha"

@ollywoodUAE: "My thoughts go out to everyone who lost their life in a sad day yesterday, especially the 13 toddlers who passed away in the Doha fire #fb"

@kathyDCool: "Thoughts & prayers this morning are with the parents of the young toddlers who died in yesterday's horrific fire in the Doha Shopping Mall."