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Tweet talk: Vince Cable and Arun's 'mystery'

Pier Morgan is interested in hacking Vince Cable's phone, and Elizabeth Hurley speaks out about Arun's 'mystery brunette.'

  • "If anyone from the News of the World is hacking Vince Cable's phone this week, would love to hear what he knows - thanks." Wouldn't we all, Piers Morgan, wouldn't we all. Unfortunately, the chances of someone revealing such tantalising information over Twitter seems highly unlikely. December 21.
  • "Sorry to rain on your parade Gossip Press, but Arun 'mystery brunette' is his brother's wife. Snigger." Elizabeth Hurley: 1, the Media: 0. December 21.
  • "Wake up tomorrow morning with the spirit raging inside 2 do something good for yourself or someone else. when it's done do another good deed". Well, that's us told. Who are we to argue with the great Danny DeVito anyway? December 19.
  • "Today's cancelled Paris show is rescheduled for Tuesday, 2moro's show will happen as planned. I promise to give u the nights of ure life. X". We are going to hold you to that promise, Lady Gaga. But is better grammar too much to ask too? December 20.
  • "Just saw Black Swan. Powerful filmmaking. Darren, Matty and the the whole cast did a great job." We think Darren Aronofsky will be happy to hear of this glowing review, from the equally talented director, Jon Favreau. December 20.
  • "When they're not fighting or racing light cycles, I'll bet the citizens of TRON spend a lot of time on the phone with tech support." Well said, Conan O' Brien. Keep them coming. December 19.