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Top screams from the world of cinema

With Scream 4 just released in the US, we look at some of the best scream on celluloid.

With Scream 4 just released in the US, we look at some of the best screams on celluloid.

Take Five... Jaws (1975)

Chrissie's (Susan Backlinie) midnight dip ends up with her being dragged underwater by a shark. Her scream, which includes heavy gurgling and last prayers, set the tone for Steven Spielberg's horror classic.

Take Four... Invasion of the Body Snatchers (1978)

A shriek described by the famous American film critic Pauline Kael as "inhuman", Donald Sutherland's scream, while layered with sound effects, in the middle of a city street in suburban daylight is as incongruous as it is spooky.

Take Three... Raiders of the Lost Ark (1981)

Some men can give it just as good. Ronald Lacey's final scream as he meets his melting death gives meaning to the term full-throated.

Take Two... Psycho (1960)

The infamous shower scene where Janet Leigh is fatally attacked by a knife-wielding attacker. Not only did some audiences faint, it also resulted in many households buying extra locks for front doors. The mixture of blood (actually chocolate syrup), the screeching violins and Leigh at her blood-curdling best continues to chill audiences.

Take One... King Kong (1933)

Renowned as the original scream queen, Fay Wray's vocal performance exhausts viewers. She reportedly performed all her screams for King Kong in one day of post-production. Although she tried valiantly, Naomi Watts couldn't come close to Wray in the latest remake.