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This week's greatest tweets

A roundup of this week's greatest tweets

  • "I believe my episode of CSI Las Vegas will air in the US mid-January. I will definitely give exact details when I have them." We really hope that the incredibly glamorous entertainer, Dita von Teese, brings her trademark glitz to the TV show. December 7.
  • "What's your favorite Al Pacino movie? He's tonight's guest. (He was also my best man!)" All right, Larry King, no need to brag. Incidentally, the last Al Pacino movie we liked, Heat, was released almost 15 years ago. December 7.
  • "Nick is being SO bleak trying to whisper to my tummy "there's no santa!" UGH! Please stop him!!! : o" Mariah Carey, we feel your pain. We know that children have to grow up eventually, but is there really any need for your husband, the singer Nick Cannon, to take quite such preemptive measures? December 7.
  • "Big Shout to YOU!! ALL THE ARTISTS involved!!! And STEWIE RAH!!! Together we raised $1M to fight AIDS and SAVE REAL LIVES!!!!!" We are proud of you, Alicia Keys, for prompting the likes of Justin Timberlake, Lady Gaga, and Usher to ban themselves from using Twitter and Facebook until $1 million (Dh3.7m) was donated to the Keep a Child Alive foundation. December 7.
  • "I love to tweet, but I worry sometimes that I'll lose count of the words and the Twitter people will cut me off before I've had a chance to" That Conan O'Brien sure is a funny one. Someone should give him his own show. Or something. December 6.