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The Muppets

More than a decade later, this reboot breathes new life into a fuzzy cast of characters.

The Muppets

Director James Bobin

Starring Jason Segel, Amy Adams


It's been 12 years since The Muppets last showed their fuzzy faces on the big screen and all is not well in Muppetland. An evil industrialist with a maniacal laugh has plans to turn the old studios into an oilfield, but with the team scattered far and wide (Fozzie Bear fronting the Muppets tribute act The Moopets, Miss Piggy editing Plus-SizeVogue in Paris), he looks likely to succeed.

Thankfully, Muppet-mega fan Walter has other ideas and convinces Kermit to reunite the gang for that cinematic classic "one big show" to raise the necessary funds.

It's all - as you would expect - tremendously jolly, and Bobin (Ali G, Flight of the Conchords) has done a great job breathing 21st-century life into Jim Henson's still much-adored creations. Although very much a children's film and following a highly predictable path, there are plenty of moments where adults will be the only ones sniggering.

Numerous nods to the 1980s (particularly a scene where Kermit tries to find a celebrity host and calls Molly Ringwald) are likely to go above most young heads, as are the endless bouts of self-referencing, such as one where one Muppet asks whether it would be simpler to meet each member via a montage. But aside from pleasing fans of old, The Muppets movie should achieve Disney's ultimate aim - introducing Kermit and co to a whole new generation.