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The Instant Expert: test your Humphrey Bogart knowledge

Float through life with M's fast facts. This week, get to know the Hollywood tough-guy actor Humphrey Bogart.

Float through any social event with M's fast facts. This week Rick Arthur tests your knowledge on the tough-guy actor Humphrey Bogart, who died on this day in 1957. Answers below.


1. Bogie's yacht was named:

a) Sirocco

b) Santana

c) Azzam

d) The African Queen

e) The Treasure of the Sierra Madre

2. The actress who played in more Bogie films than any other was:

a) Lauren Bacall

b) Mary Astor

c) Bette Davis

d) Lizabeth Scott

e) Claire Trevor


3. Who was not a member of Bogie's original Rat Pack?

a) Sid Luft

b) Judy Garland

c) David Niven

d) Sammy Davis Jr

e) Nathaniel Benchley


4. The film Bogie screened regularly (and wept over) on Christmas Day was:

a) Miracle on 34th Street

b) A Star is Born (1937 Janet Gaynor/Frederic March version)

c) It's a Wonderful Life

d) Bright Eyes

e) Holiday Inn


5. Bogie's middle name was:

a) Belmont

b) Sherwood

c) Leslie

d) Julius

e) DeForest


6. The brand of cigarettes Bogie smoked was:

a) Chesterfield

b) Lucky Strike

c) Pall Mall

d) Camel

e) Raleigh


7. Lauren Bacall's real name was:

a) Betty Hershkowitz

b) Betty Rothstein

c) Betty Perske

d) Betty Witkowski

e) Betty Goldberg


8. Bacall put this object in Bogie's coffin:

a) His Oscar

b) A gold whistle

c) A model of his yacht

d) The screenplay of The African Queen

e) A chess king


9. How many films did Bogie and Bacall make together (never mind their cameo in Two Guys from Milwaukee)?

a) 2

b) 3

c) 4

d) 5

e) 6


10. Bogie and his third wife, Mayo Methot, were known as:

a) Punch and Judy

b) The Bruisers

c) Angels with Dirty Faces

d) The Dead End Kids

e) The Battling Bogarts


11. Bogie's mother, Maud Humphrey, a famous illustrator, used a drawing of baby Humphrey in a well-known ad campaign for Gerber Baby Food.

a) True

b) False


12. Bogie and Bacall lived in:

a) Holmby Hills

b) Beverly Hills

c) Bel-Air

d) Pacific Palisades

e) Toluca Lake



12 - The stuff that dreams are made of

8-11 - Here's looking at you, kid

4-7 - We'll always have Paris

0-3 - My, my, my. Such a lot of guns around town and so few brains.


Bogie at his baddest

"I made more lousy pictures than any actor in history," Humphrey Bogart once said. Among the films he would have liked to have forgotten:

SWING YOUR LADY (1938) Ludicrously miscast, Bogie plays a wrestling promoter in this hillbilly musical comedy. "It's a stinker," he said of the film he considered his worst.

THE AMAZING DR CLITTERHOUSE (1938) The actor said his role as "Rocks" Valentine in this crime drama with Edward G Robinson and Claire Trevor was one of his least favourite.

THE OKLAHOMA KID (1938) Starring opposite James Cagney - who he said "looked like a mushroom" - Bogie again is laughably miscast, this time in a Western.

THE RETURN OF DR X (1939) Bogie plays an undead mad scientist. He cracked: "If it'd been Jack Warner's blood... I wouldn't have minded so much. The trouble was they were drinking mine and I was making this stinking movie."

THE TWO MRS CARROLLS (1947) The film critic Dennis Schwartz called this Bogie film noir with Barbara Stanwyck and Alexis Smith an "inert and overwrought crime/melodrama that never gets over being stagy".


Answers: 1 b; 2 c; 3 d; 4 b; 5 e; 6 a; 7 c; 8 b; 9 c; 10 e; 11 b; 12 a.