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The best tweets of the week: Alicia Keys hits a high note

Richard Branson parties with Bradley Cooper and Alicia Keys hits a high note.

  • "Going to Red Sox Yankees game tonight It should be great game with Beckett and Sabathia..if we don't melt or drown". Weatherman-by-night Jack Welch gets the forecast spot on after rain halted play for more than two hours at Yankee Stadium. June 10.

  • "Made it to #NYC - this heat reminds me of working in the cornfields in high school - hard to breathe! (and yes, I really did detassle corn!)". Nothing corny about it: Cindy Crawford was originally discovered doing just that by a photographer in 1982 at the age of 16. June 10.


  • "Threw a delightful party on boat for Montrealers. Bradley Cooper, star of @Virginproduced 1st film Limitless. Great fun night for good causes." Richard Branson ventures into virgin territory with his first foray into film. June 12.


  • "Congrats to my friend Chris and Coldplay- "Every teardrop is a waterfall" Just amazing-love it... 100% a chair dancing tune for me Well done". Cricketer Shane Warne is bowled over by the UK band's new single. June 12.


  • "I'm virtually having a vocal lesson.... technology is incredible!;-) lol!" Never off-key, Alicia Keys. June 12.


  • "See things differently; shine a light on those dark places in order for them to go away". Sarah Ferguson does some soul-searching with a flashlight. June 14.


  • "You can't believe everything u read... U also can't be blind and stupid. My eyes are now open. Just2think what I would have done for u #Hurt". Advantage lost and no match for Serena Williams. June 14.