x Abu Dhabi, UAEThursday 27 July 2017

The Ali Column: Celebrate the future of our capital

A look at Abu Dhabi's Vision 2030

Our nation has always been fascinated by visions. We see everything we want to achieve right in front of our eyes, and having this outlook on life actually keeps us motivated to become great achievers in anything we do. I am the same way, and visions are a great inspiration for my creative mind. Before we take a closer look at the "Vision 2030", let me tell you a little bit about how the "seeds" of the "Vision 2030" have already been planted in the minds of our people and have influenced our culture.

One of the nation's first visionaries was our father Sheikh Zayed bin Sultan Al Nahyan. He had so many visions to improve our society in the region, not only regarding the development of the people but also the development of the country, with major investments in the infrastructure (hospitals, schools, etc.) and economy in order to counteract the lack of resources during his lifetime. However, in order to make that kind of transition of "desert life to city modern life" possible, the seven Trucial States needed to be united as one federation. After this first step towards establishment on December 2, 1971, many more achievements motivated by visions emerged and brought along so many different challenges.

The "Vision 2030" was inspired by the vision of His Highness Sheikh Khalifa bin Zayed Al Nahyan,to turn the capital of our beautiful country Abu Dhabi into a global, capital city. By bringing different cultures together Abu Dhabi becomes a very attractive healthy city to live.

It was the government's Abu Dhabi Policy Agenda of 2007/2008 that initiated the first steps towards this vision's implementation. 2030 is getting closer and a lot still needs to be accomplished. The "Vision 2030" consists of two major sections, the Economic Vision and the Urban Planning. The Economic Vision is expected to equip the economy with a corresponding fiscal policy. In this sense, more entrepreneurs and enterprises will be encouraged to establish themselves, while increased investment in national and international relationships will nurture business opportunities. As a result, more high quality job opportunities will be made available for everyone, but most of all for nationals and women so that their numbers in statistics rise.

The Urban Planning will concentrate on improving the education and healthcare system, providing Abu Dhabi's residents with better housing and transportation options in order to make living in the city more convenient, safe and secure.

As an Emirati entrepreneur, passionate about culture and the vision of our leaders, I fully support this perspective. It's essential that we recognise that a lot of change needs to happen before we can say, "Yes, we are living the Vision 2030!" Every area of our society needs to be investigated and improved in order to guarantee that the "Vision 2030" will actually become implemented. Our government is trying its very best to take all the necessary steps. So, let's all try to step in and work on implementing this plan together and making it possible. Together we can add so much value contributing to the vision of 2030, inshallah.