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'The Amazing Race 31': Here are all the places the teams went to in Dubai

The reality show sees contestants racing around the world for a $1 million grand prize

Contestants had to search for coloured dinosaur eggs at Dinosaur Park - while dressed like dinosaurs. 
Contestants had to search for coloured dinosaur eggs at Dinosaur Park - while dressed like dinosaurs. 

The latest episode of The Amazing Race saw the show make a stop in Dubai with an episode that aired on May 22. Now in its thirty-first installment, the reality show sees contestants racing around the world with a $1 million grand prize (Dh3.67m) for the winning team.

While it isn't the first time the show has been in the emirate, we take a look at which attractions were featured in the episode and how they were used:

1. Supercar party in the desert

Upon landing at Dubai International Airport, teams headed out to a supercar party in the desert hosted by some of the UAE’s wealthiest, while looking for their first clue.

Hidden among the supercars, teams were able to find the clue on where to go next.

2. Dubai Frame

The teams raced from the desert to the top of the towering Dubai Frame in Zabeel Park. They then needed to choose between the “Fall” or “Find” Detour options leading to two different challenges.

3. Burj Khalifa (sort of)

The “Fall” options was indeed a height-related challenge, and the producers initially tricked teams by saying they would have to jump from the Burj Khalifa, the world’s tallest building.

Because you can't actually do that, players later found out the jump is actually a virtual reality one and that there’s a five question quiz they have to answer before moving on to the next challenge.

4. Dubai Garden Glow

The teams that chose the “Find” option had to look for coloured dinosaur eggs at the park inside Dubai Garden Glow.

However, they didn’t realise they’d have to dress up like dinosaurs while doing so — hindering their movement and vision as they searched at night.

5. Soho Garden

Moving on, the next challenge involved the teams heading into the popular dining and clubbing venue at Meydan Racecourse. Heading inside, teams found partygoers at a silent rave.

While most are listening to their own music, some are following the DJ’s beat. Players were tasked with finding one person with the same beat.

6. World’s largest urban zip line at Dubai Marina

After that, the last challenge had teams heading to the world’s largest urban zip line (which sends people headfirst over the waters of Dubai Marina at speeds of 80 kilometres per hour) before racing to the finish line to move on to the next destination.


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