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Five great TV shows marred by their finales

It's not just 'Game of Thrones', sometimes good television shows can be brought down by their series finales

Game of Thrones has wrapped up its final season. After an 18-month wait between the seventh and eighth seasons, fans were eagerly awaiting the epic fantasy show’s return in April.

Spoiler alert: the gallery above is packed full of plot giveaways

The hugely popular show was lauded for most of the time it was on the air. Unfortunately, following a season that received a lukewarm response almost across the board and even saw some fans sign a petition asking to remake the eighth season, the finale fell flat and left many feeling frustrated and disappointed.

However, sometimes these things happen (especially in the television world, it seems). Not every ending will be satisfactory or tie up every loose end. Here we round up five other great television shows marred by questionable endings.


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