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5 epic scraps in soap opera history

From Dynasty to Emmerdale to Coronation Street, catfights seem to be a vital component of soap operas

A screenshot from a cat fight in Coronation Street.
A screenshot from a cat fight in Coronation Street.

A slap here, a hair-pull there. Who doesn’t remember the legendary catfights in Dynasty? Well, I don’t, as someone who was born too late for it. But not to worry thanks to YouTube. The original 1981 prime time soap opera focused on the lives of the Carringtons, a wealthy family in Denver, Colorado. The show has been rebooted for 2017 and so, ahead of its premiere this week, we take a look back at some of television’s greatest (and silliest) catfights:

To begin, here's a classic catfight from the 1981 version of Dynasty. Shoulder pads, big hair, slaps and a lily pond:


Ouch, some of the quips are even insulting to dogs. More importantly, the best revelation comes when you realise they’re fighting each other with lamb bones picked off the plates from the diners next to them:

Coronation Street

I'm starting to sense a pattern. If your fight doesn’t end in a fountain or with people getting wet, does it really count as a catfight? More importantly, why didn’t the girl in the pink move when she saw the bride going right for her in the first place?


Here’s one from a telenovela show called Valeria. All I’m going to say is … sure I can’t understand a word of it but can we take a moment to appreciate that handstand? Talk about taking catfights to a whole other level:

Egoli: Place of Gold

This is from a South African soap called Egoli: Place of Gold. Finally, someone found a proper way to stop a catfight without actually physically intervening:


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