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Television's latest high-profile firing, Cheryl Cole is in good company

Cheryl Cole, axed from the X Factor, isn't the first high-profile firing in the television world. We look at five others.

Following the unceremonious dismissal of Cheryl Cole from X Factor, we zoom in on five other notorious television departures:

Take five... Sheen axed

The actor Charlie Sheen was famously sacked from the top-rating show Two and a Half Men in March because of his controversial personal life. He was the highest-paid television actor in America, earning US $2 million (Dh7.3 million) per episode on the CBS show.

Take four... O'Brien buyout

Conan O'Brien received a $33m settlement from NBC after they ended his seven-month reign as The Tonight Show host last January. O'Brien landed the coveted job when its previous host, Jay Leno, was moved to an earlier spot, an expensive experiment that caused ratings on both shows to slide.

Take three... Twice bitten

Shannon Doherty was fired twice from different TV shows. Her tardiness and conflicts with cast members signalled her exit from Beverly Hills 90210 in 1994. Just seven years later, producers of the Warner Brothers hit series Charmed made Doherty magically disappear after more reported feuding with her co-stars.

Take two... Age factor

Britain's first black female newscaster, Moira Stewart, was removed from her position as anchor of the BBC's morning news bulletin in 2007 at the age of 55 amid accusations of age discrimination. Stewart was reassigned to other projects, though the BBC always denied allegations of ageism.

Take one... Cover blown

The British racing driver Ben Collins was dismissed from the popular motoring television show Top Gear after revealing his secret identity as the driver know as "the Stig" last year. Clad in white overalls, helmet and opaque visor the Stig's identity had remained carefully hidden for seven years before Collins chose to spill the beans when he wrote his autobiography.