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StreetDance 3D

StreetDance 3D is a predictable dance movie, and far from one of the better offerings out there.

StreetDance 3D

Directors: Max Giwa, Dania Pasquini

Starring: Nichola Burley, Charlotte Rampling, Richard Winsor

There is nothing new about StreetDance 3D; a movie that focuses on two groups of very different dancers (differences that are constantly pointed out to us, should we forget just how like chalk and cheese these people are).

They are thrown together before realising that by combining their talents they can save the planet, or win a dance competition, or do whatever it is that the plot calls for. In the same vein as Save the Last Dance and Step Up, but without the Hollywood budget, or, evidently, a half decent script writer, StreetDance 3D follows a group of stereotypically attitude-laden teens who, after a shake-up within their dance crew, are forced to work with a group of equally stereotypical ballet dancers in preparation for the upcoming Street Dance Championship finals.

There is plenty that is wrong with this movie, not least of which is the dialogue, which manages to surpass all the normal realms of awful. The dances, which should make up the bulk of the movie, are shunted aside for the dull love story that takes place between the two violently boring leads - Carly (Burley) and Tomas (Winsor) - but even when given screen time, they don't amount to much. There are only a handful of people to whom this movie should be marketed - namely young teens who lap up reality TV shows (where a vast number of the "stars" in this movie came from) - but given several of the scenes, this is just not possible.

It is also not advisable to watch a movie that makes you want to punch a hole in your television, given that it takes the lead actress more than an hour to decide that, actually, teaming up together would be a great idea.