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Smith and Wahlberg eye boxing ring

Will Smith and Mark Wahlberg may take part in a charity boxing match.

Mark Wahlberg may get in the ring for charity.
Mark Wahlberg may get in the ring for charity.

Smith and Wahlberg to fight for charity?

As Hollywood heavyweights go, Mark Wahlberg and Will Smith are better established than most. In early 2011 they could well be exercising their clout in another arena entirely, though: namely the boxing ring. Rumour has it that the two actors have been offered $1 million (Dh3.7m) each to take part in a charity boxing match, put on by the Hollywood Boxing Federation.

Both actors have played pugilistic characters before and have spent time working with professionals. When Smith took on the role of Muhammed Ali, in the biopic Ali , he undertook a rigorous training schedule and as a result, he seriously bulked up. A few years have passed since then and although Smith is still in fine fettle, Wahlberg this year played the junior welterweight Micky Ward in The Fighter. He reportedly spent four years preparing for the role and flew his trainers to film sets all over the world while doing so.

Should they choose to take part, the actors will probably fight three one-minute rounds (amateur boxing rounds are usually three minutes long), with the emphasis on fun, rather than out-and-out aggression. The Hollywood Boxing Federation has staged similar events before, albeit with lesser-known contestants - the most credible of these celebrity participants being Ricky Gervais, with Lindsay Lohan's father being rather less so. This makes the prospect of attracting mega stars such as Smith and Wahlberg sound a tad optimistic - but who knows what they'll agree to do in the name of charity?