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Scrabble adds 3,000 modern words

The publishers of Scrabble have released an additional 3,000 words that can now be used in the game. Here are our top five.

The publishers of Scrabble released an additional 3,000 words that can now be used when playing the board game. The list finally includes much-used terms such as Facebook, MySpace and Fanlist. But there has been some controversy over the inclusion of slang words such as innit and thang. Below are some of the new additions.

Take Five... Blingy

Hip-hop culture makes an appearance. Derived from the street term "bling", this adjective means flashy jewellery or describes something bright and shiny. It will earn you a cool 12 points.

Take Four... Qin

Other than using it for queen, the letter Q has always been a source of frustration for players. Now you can add qin to your armoury. This noun is a Chinese zither with strings across a flat box. It will score you a plucky 12 points.

Take Three... Webzine

Scrabble fans will love the noun, meaning an online magazine, as it could score you a game-changing 21 points.

Take Two... GRRL

A punk woman with attitude. The noun comes from the 1990s Riot Grrl feminist punk movement. It can score you a spirited five points.

Take One... Wagyu

Blame it on Nobu, but now the Japanese beef can be served up on the board to earn you a tasty 12 points.