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Schwarzenegger puts his return to the big screen on hold

The actor/politician released a statement announcing the delay of his movie comeback.

Arnold Schwarzenegger's much-touted return to the big screen has been postponed indefinitely in light of the actor/politician's recent marital strife. Schwarzenegger released a statement announcing the delay of his movie comeback with a string of films that include Cry Macho and The Terminator franchise.

The news comes as a big blow for the producers of Cry Macho, who managed to sell the rights to the film in Cannes last week, which would means production needs to begin in August.

The development also adds another chapter in the struggle to get Cry Macho to the big screen. Based on the 1975 novel by playwright N Richard Nash, the story centres on the complicated relationship between a rodeo cowboy, Mike Milo - changed to an ageing horse trainer thanks to Schwarzenegger's involvement - and a young, street-savvy Mexican boy.

In order to get much-needed cash, Milo kidnaps the boy from his mother in Mexico City in order to deliver him to Milo's ex-boss in Texas, who also happens to be the boy's father.

Producer Albert S Ruddy has been trying to film Cry Macho since 1975. The closest he got was when Clint Eastwood planned to star in and direct the picture; however, the star instead chose to return to his iconic role of Harry Callahan one more time in The Dead Pool.

Schwarzenegger's woes also put on hold the animated series partly based on his life as California governor. The Governator, which has Schwarzenegger's voice in the starring role, paints him as a loving family man who fights evil with a team of young hipsters.