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Rolling Stones' Ronnie Wood to wed

Plus: Edward Furlong arrested, Lady Gaga fires back at Calvin Harris, NBC releases new line-up and William Faulkner's estate sues Sony Pictures.

Ronnie Wood will marry his girlfriend of six months, the 34-year-old Sally Humphreys. Chris Jackson / Getty Images
Ronnie Wood will marry his girlfriend of six months, the 34-year-old Sally Humphreys. Chris Jackson / Getty Images

The Rolling Stones' guitarist Ronnie Wood is to marry his girlfriend of six months. Wood, 65, will wed Sally Humphreys, 34, the owner of a theatre production company. His divorce from his second wife, Jo, his partner for more than 20 years and the mother of two of his children, was finalised last year. The band are celebrating a half-century in rock 'n' roll this year and played their first concert in five years last week at a small venue in Paris. - AFP

Edward Furlong arrested

The actor Edward Furlong has been arrested at Los Angeles International Airport on suspicion of domestic violence. Police say the star of Terminator 2 and American History X was arrested after officers responded to an arrival area late Monday. Police did not identify the person who Furlong allegedly injured. The 35-year-old actor's divorce from his estranged wife, Rachael Kneeland, is pending. He is being held on US$50,000 (Dh183,500) bail. - AP

Gaga fires back at Harris

Lady Gaga had a tiff on Twitter on Tuesday with the Scottish DJ Calvin Harris, after the latter told reporters he had turned down the chance to work with the pop star. Gaga tweeted: "Seems to be trendy lately to talk [bad] about Lady Gaga when your albums drop. Y'all should live off your own hustle. Never even emailed you @calvinharris I guess it's hard to believe I write and produce my music. 'Cause I'm a woman I don't know about electronic dance music, right?" Harris immediately replied, "No your label emailed me … I am a fan … I apologise if I offended you, wasn't the intention." - IANS

NBC releases new line-up

NBC is making room for Community on its midseason schedule, along with a new comedy set in the White House and a dating series produced by Eva Longoria. Community, the return of which was delayed this season, will air starting February 7. The sitcom 1600 Penn, starring Bill Pullman, Jenna Elfman and Josh Gad as the first family, will debut on January 10. Longoria's Ready for Love, billed by NBC as an "innovative and dramatic" relationship show, begins on March 31. - AP

Faulkner estate sues film

William Faulkner wrote that the past is never dead. His heirs say their copyright to that phrase is very much alive. The author's literary estate is suing Sony Pictures for using a paraphrase of the line in Woody Allen's 2011 film, Midnight in Paris. The lawsuit says Sony infringed on the copyright when the actor Owen Wilson slightly misquoted the line from Faulkner's Requiem for a Nun. He said, "The past is not dead! Actually, it's not even past." Sony Pictures said in a statement, "This is a frivolous lawsuit and we are confident we will prevail in defending it." Lee Caplin, who represents the estate, says it recently licensed a quote to the sitcom Modern Family. He contrasted that to Allen's use of the quote in the movie. "He just wanted to kind of take it. He felt entitled." - AP