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DVD review An insipid film with no originality whatsoever.

If the director Franck Khalfoun dreamed of one day making an insipid film with no originality whatsoever, I'd say his dream has come true with P2. Set in a deserted car park one Christmas Eve, the film revolves around Angela (Rachel Nichols) and Thomas (Wes Bentley) - the car park's one security officer. Khalfoun's idea of plot is to throw in every horror / thriller / slasher cliché known to man. There is a busty heroine in a wet white dress wielding an axe, a rabid Rottweiler, 1950s pop music made creepy, and of course a crazy, blood-splattered killer saying things like "why won't you be my friend?" I'll tell you why, because your movie is awful. You may remember Bentley as the weird camera guy from the 1999 film American Beauty - the one obsessed with dead birds. His career does not seem to have gone places since. Though his performance does deliver at times, these moments are few and far between. The film provides enough visual fodder for the most starved lovers of spurting wounds, but unless you want to learn how not to make a good horror movie then avoid it at all costs.