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Old movie favourites get the rerelease treatment

As The Lion King impresses at the box office, a look at other successful rereleases.

With the rereleased 3D version of the family classic The Lion King roaring at the top of the box office, studios are now scrambling to release their own classics. Here are some other successful rereleases of old favourites.

Take Five... Ghostbusters

Our favourite trio of parapsychologists will be calling in once again when the 1984 sci-fi comedy classic graces American screens this October in the run up to Halloween.

Take Four... Scarface

This 1983 criminal rags-to-riches tale of the Cuban drug baron Tony Montana received a limited theatrical rerelease in 2003 with a remastered soundtrack and enhanced sound effects, giving the infamous chain-saw scene extra zing.

Take Three... Grease

As well as the great tunes, fans of the 1978 John Travolta movie had another chance to marvel at how the star once fitted into those ultra-tight black jeans when Grease was rereleased in 1998 to celebrate its 20th anniversary.

Take Two... The Godfather

This classic 1972 gangster epic confirmed Marlon Brando as a screen legend and introduced a young, smouldering Al Pacino. Fans couldn't refuse the offer to see it again when it received a rerelease in 2009.

Take One... Dumbo

The 1941 classic Disney animated film based on the flying elephant was so popular with young and old that it was rereleased four times over a 30-year period. At 46 minutes, it remains Disney's shortest animated feature.