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News You Can Lose: On-air gaffe exposes TV trickery

Quirky news items from around the world.

Cable news network CNN has been caught with two of its presenters apparently interviewing each other via satellite when they were actually just a few feet apart in the same car park.

Anchorwomen Nancy Grace and Ashleigh Banfield were covering the kidnapping of three Ohio women, with CNN broadcasting them live on a split screen.

The location was revealed when the same vehicles appeared seconds apart in the background of both women, who, as it also turned out, were actually in Arizona covering a different case.

Don't stay hungry

Visiting the supermarket when you are hungry means you are more likely to buy unhealthy food, research has discovered.

In an experiment led by Cornell University, 68 volunteers were asked not to eat for five hours and then chose between items like chicken breasts and vegetables and packets of crisps and bars of chocolate.

The researchers concluded: "Any time you go shopping, make sure you grab an apple to eat on the way."

Bomber's blunder

After organising a "buy-back" where people could drop off unwanted guns, Los Angeles police were surprised to be offered a pipe bomb.

The explosive device was handed to officers by a man who said he had made it to blow up the Hollywood sign, but had changed his mind because "he had spoken to God that day, and God no longer wanted him to".

Police safely detonated the bomb and arrested the man, explaining "this is not a pipe bomb buy-back. This is a gun buy-back."

Vegemite missile

Australian prime minister Julia Gillard has escaped without injury after being attacked with a Vegemite sandwich.

Reports say the sandwich narrowly missed Gillard, who was visiting a school near Brisbane at the time.

Vegemite is a savoury spread popular in Australia, but is often regarded as an acquired taste elsewhere.

The prime minister later accused the media of overreacting, calling the incident "a bit of high jinks".

Bad habit of drugs

After suspicions were raised over the way they were wearing their habits, customs officers on the Caribbean island of San Andres stopped three nuns and found they were smuggling cocaine.

Island police say the women had the drugs strapped to their legs after arriving on a flight from Bogota in Colombia. None of the women were actually nuns, the authorities confirmed.

Swedish Chef exposed

The Swedish Chef character from The Muppets may actually be Norwegian, experts now believe.

An analysis of the character's language patterns suggests it is much closer to Norwegian than Swedish.

According to Stockholm University linguistics professor Tomas Riad, Norwegian has distinctive "sing-songy" tones.

On the TV show, the chef never says more than the gibberish "Hurdy, gurdy, gurdy" and bork, bork, bork", which Riad says "doesn't sound like Swedish to me".


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