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News You Can Lose: A driving hatred for Obama

Quirky stories from around the world.

After ignoring her instructions to vote against President Obama, a husband was left in critical condition when his wife ran him over with their SUV.

Holly Solomon, 28, was so angered by her husband's decision to abstain in last week's presidential election that she chased him around a car park in the family Jeep while he tried to hide.

The husband was eventually cornered and ended up pinned underneath the car.

Daniel Solomon later told Arizona police from his hospital bed that his wife "just hated Obama" .

Mrs Solomon was later charged with domestic violence, aggravated assault, reckless driving and disorderly conduct.


The real lonely planet

A new planet described as "homeless" has been found wandering around the universe.

Researchers at the University of Montreal say the planet is seven times the size of Jupiter but is free floating and does not orbit any star.

Temporarily named CFBDSIR2149, the planet is less than 120 million years old and has a temperature of 400° Celsius.

It is the first "homeless" planet to be discovered by science, after a 10-year search described as like "looking for a single needle among thousands of haystacks".


Victorious shambles

"Omnishambles" has been selected as word of the year by the Oxford English Dictionary.

The word was coined by the writers of the BBC political satire The Thick of It and refers to a situation that is chaotic from every angle.

Other words in the contests included Eurogedden, referring to the financial crisis in the Eurozone, and the Mobot, a celebration created by the double gold medal winner Mo Farah at the London Olympics.

Judges said that omnishambles was "a word that everyone liked, which seemed to sum up so many of the events over the last 365 days in a beautiful way".


Romance for Rover

Pet owners in Brazil looking to send their dogs on a romantic getaway can now book them into a hotel.

The Animalle Mundo Pet motel offers heart-shaped ceiling mirrors, a dog spa and rooms themed to look like medieval castles or the Wild West.

According to TheNew York Times, owners are prepared to spend hundreds of dollars to give their dogs a romantic time. One owner described the motel as "lovely" and ideal to get her Shih Tzu in the mood to breed.

The motel also offers accommodation for cats, along with a taxi service, a dog cafe selling beef flavoured muffins and a shop selling grooming products such as Chic Animale, a Dh150 perfume.


Deal fit for a King

Burger King restaurants in Japan will offer a 30-minute "all you can eat" buffet next week to celebrate the company's fifth anniversary there. Customers who buy a "Black Burger" meal can then gorge themselves on burgers and fries for a full half-hour.