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New Star Wars costumes surface. New villains revealed?

Han Solo's costume in Star Wars: Episode VII. Jay Carlson of Indie Revolver
Han Solo's costume in Star Wars: Episode VII. Jay Carlson of Indie Revolver

After a fairly quiet period on the Star Wars: Episode VII rumour front, this weekend has seen a slew of rumours surfacing to keep eager fans licking their lips in anticipation of the movie’s December 2015 release.

The entertainment website Indie Revolver has been in the thick of the actionwith a triple-whammy of exclusives.

First up, the site has published shots of two new costumes for Harrison Ford’s character, Han Solo.

One is a slightly more refined riff on his costume from the original 1977 movie befitting a 30-odd-year older Solo, and the other a cold-weather affair featuring furry hood and boots suggesting a return to Hoth or a similar ice world.

The site has also revealed what it says are redesigned helmets that will be worn by iconic stormtroopers in the new movie.

One of the shots seems to hark back to the snow troopers from The Empire Strikes Back, lending further credence to Solo’s winter gear being genuine.

And finally, Indie Revolver also claims to know who the main villains will be in the new movie. The Inquisitors are the main villains from the Star Wars: Rebels animated series, and are tasked with protecting the Sith order, which they have done since time immemorial.

Of course, we won’t exactly know how much of this is true till we hear something official from the producers, but it’s plenty to keep fans busy speculating about in the meantime. Expect a lively few days on the fan sites.