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My UAE: Abdulla Mohammed Salem Humaid Al Suwaidi’s promising future

A profile of the Emirati digital-marketing executive Abdulla Mohammed Salem Humaid Al Suwaidi.
Abdulla Mohammed Salem Humaid Al Suwaidi makes video promoting Dubai tourism. Courtesy DTCM
Abdulla Mohammed Salem Humaid Al Suwaidi makes video promoting Dubai tourism. Courtesy DTCM

Visionary, limitless and home best describe how Abdulla Mohammed Salem Humaid Al Suwaidi, 20, feels about Dubai, the place he spends his days promoting as a digital-marketing executive with the Department of Tourism and Commerce Marketing.

Having studied media and screen production at Murdoch University Dubai, and with interests in film production, photography and journalism, the Emirati graduate says he’s proud to be able to contribute to the city.

“With the growth of the tourism industry, joining DTCM was the right choice to accomplish my and the city’s dream by moving a step towards turning Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid’s 2020 vision into a reality,” he says.

Al Suwaidi thinks his job is nurturing his skills and allowing him to grow. “My managers challenge and encourage me every day. When it comes to my photography and videography, I challenge myself on each task given to me.”

Among Al Suwaidi’s list of career achievements is video work he has put together, some of which have become hits on social media.

“I created A Kid’s Life in Dubai, a video based on Dubai tourism stock footage, and collected footage from Bounce and Wild Wadi. The Dubai Shopping Experience fashion video was another interesting project,” he says. “It feels great to see people actually watching your work – isn’t that every filmmaker’s dream?”

Al Suwaidi has grand plans in the long run. “I want to build a team of content producers, nurture young talent and develop our ideas for visual content.”

He counts his older brother as his biggest inspiration. “Our brotherly rivalry helps me reach my maximum potential.”

And his advice to his peers: “Don’t be afraid to try new things; if you want something, be brave enough to pursue it and work hard to reach it.”

What’s your favourite book?

The Hunger Games series.

What’s your dream holiday destination?

I would love to take a trip across Europe.

What must-see tourist attraction in the UAE do you recommend?

Downtown Dubai. I love it because of the variety of restaurants and cuisines.

What is your advice for young Emiratis?

Chase your dreams and follow your heart. Think big.

What do you do to relax?

I drive and spend time with my friends.

If you could have a superpower, what would it be?

Mind control.

What is your favourite movie?

That’s a hard one. But Forrest Gump and Legends of the Fall would have to be on the top of my list.

Who inspires you?

My inspiration comes from challenging myself, in the hope to overcome my own “new record”.

Where do you see yourself in 10 years?

Hopefully, in Dubai Tourism, playing a major role as a stakeholder in the company. And as a renowned filmmaker across the GCC.


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