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My Bloody Valentine

My Bloody Valentine is a respectable addition to the growing list of 1980s horror remakes.

In the inappropriately named town of Harmony, a mine cave-in is caused when the owner's son, Tom (Jensen Ackles), neglects to carry out a crucial maintenance task. Six men are trapped but only one, Harry Warden, is rescued, though he is in a coma. When the bodies of the five dead men are found, it emerges that they were murdered with a pickaxe rather than killed by the collapse. A year later, Warden wakes from the coma and escapes from hospital, leaving a heap of bodies behind him. He proceeds to wreak havoc on Tom and his friends, who are - rather unwisely - holding a Valentine's Day party at the site of the collapse. When the sheriff arrives Warden flees, wounded but not dead, into the depth of the mine. Fast-forward 10 years, and Tom returns to Harmony to sell the mine after his father's death. At the same time, a pickaxe swinging maniac in full miners gear begins to terrorise the town. Is Warden still alive, or has someone assumed his identity? It falls to the new sheriff, Axel (Kerr Smith) - who is Tom's old love rival and now married to his ex-girlfriend Sarah (Jaime King) - to catch the killer. As fingers point at Tom, he begins to have his own suspicions about the culprit. The movie is good fun for horror fans, with some well-done scenes and decent misdirection, and a good proportion of critics saw it as an improvement on the 1981 Canadian film on which it is based. It's certainly a respectable addition to the ever growing list of 1980s horror remakes.