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WATCH: Debut music video for singer discovered in Dubai labour camp

After being spotted by Selfie TV founder Sahar Mahmoud, the duo produced Saeed's debut single Sitam

Ammar Saeed's debut video Sitam was shot in Dubai
Ammar Saeed's debut video Sitam was shot in Dubai

Ammar Saeed would never have guessed that performing at a talent show organised by his Dubai labour camp would have led to a professionally produced music video.

Despite the 2015 event being nothing more than a bit of harmless fun for Saeed, Selfie TV representative Sahar Mahmoud was watching and liked what he saw.

“I was impressed by his talent ... since then I have followed his work,” Mahmoud says.

His interest was such that the founder of the online entertainment channel offered to produce Saeed’s debut music video, Sitam.

Shot at various locations across Dubai, the video for the Hindi love song follows the tribulations of a young couple. Saeed is featured singing from coastal locations overlooking the Dubai skyline.

"If you listen to the song, you know it’s a sad love song and it was inspired by poetry I had written when I first experienced heartbreak at 17 years old," Saeed says.

"I used the poem to create the lyrics and melody and hopefully this song will soothe other souls that have felt pain of love."

As for his next step, Saeed hopes the video results in more gigging opportunities. He has already been signed up for local performances ranging from parties to private functions.

"With the release of this song, I hope more people will offer me the opportunity to showcase my talent," he says. "I will continue to follow my passion for music and I am currently working on three to four songs and hopefully we will release them soon."

For more on the video go to www.selfietv.co

Updated: July 5, 2017 02:10 PM